Unique Nail Designs DIY

amazing nail designs Unique Nail Designs DIY

Amazing Red Floral Nail Designs


It’s summer time ladies! It’s time for a Unique Nail Design make over. Now, I understand you would like to use your money for the beach instead of going to a nail salon so here are some DIY unique nail designs you can do this summer! Unique nail designs on your wonderful hands and feet are what makes a woman even more eye-catching to a man.


There are various nail beauty parlors which offer nail developing services, but the same can be done at home too. Just follow the simple guidelines described below, which will help you create some easy unique nail designs.For your comfort, I have separated the unique nail designs into three groups, nail designs for short nail, long nail and toe nail designs. You may choose any of these, based on your preferences and needs.

To begin with, the starfish design is one of my favorites. You just need to polish your nail with a bright base polish such as yellow or green and draw a starfish on top, similar to how you do a nail art flower.

Ombre nails for summer is easy, too. The same procedure applies, all you need to change are the colors you will use. Imagine the color of the sunset – a lot of orange and yellows and a little bit of red!

And my favourite summer unique nail design is the watermelon nails design. It’s a refreshing fruit for the summer and it is definitely refreshing on the hands as well. Whip out your green, red, black and white nail polish and start designing your nails. Enjoy!


Unique Nail Designs Picture

beautiful and unique nail art designs Unique Nail Designs DIY

A Beautiful and Colorful Unique Nail Art Design


Christmas Unique Nail Art Unique Nail Designs DIY

A Christmas Themed Unique Nail Art


Flash Your Unique Nail Designs Unique Nail Designs DIY

A Flashy Unique Nail Designs


music notes unique nail art Unique Nail Designs DIY

A Music Notes Unique Nail Art Idea


pink leopard porm nail design Unique Nail Designs DIY

A Pink Leopard Prom Nail Design


unique and fancy nail designs Unique Nail Designs DIY

A Unique and Fancy Nail Design Art


unique nail design ideas Unique Nail Designs DIY

A Zebra-like Unique Nail Design Idea


5 color silk wraps Unique Nail Designs DIY

5 Color Silk Wraps Unique Nail Designs

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