Top Nail Polish Trends Revived!

If you thought that the trending nail polish colors that you see is something new, then you will be surprised to learn that it actually traces its roots back to early 80s. To back this up, it was featured in the Cover Girl magazine a couple of years back, and neon highlighter color is one of the oldest nail polish that is still trendy. With all these reasons at hand, then it is certain that nail polish trend had been rising at a slower rate, but apparently the trend is picking up at an alarming rate and you’re likely to spot colorful nails almost everywhere: for instance, in the streets and offices, not forgetting the modeling and the celebrity world.


Now you must be wondering why it took long for this nail polish trend to get noticed. Besides, were it not for the recent fashion shows, then no one could be paying attention to nail polish and their colors. It was after these fashion shows that new techniques and color combinations got introduced. Actually, the designers behind these shows have actually played a major role in including nail color in the runway looks, and currently nail art is becoming one of the most notable fashion trends with several ongoing vogues that can spice up your wardrobe. Now let’s sample some of the top nail and polish trends:

1. 3D nails

3D nail effects are now replacing the traditional stencil painting as well as the normal freehand drawing. This is achieved through the use of studs, laces and crystals together with their mixtures.

3d nail art Top Nail Polish Trends Revived!

Examples of various pink 3d nail art design

2. Long triangular-shaped oval nails

By now you must have seen this trend among many of the celebrities; in highlights of Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Whereas a certain section will go for the long triangular shaped oval nails, it is alleged that a vast majority of them still prefer clean ‘squovol’ shaped ones.

lady gaga grey beige nails Top Nail Polish Trends Revived!

Lady Gaga’s oval nails design

3. Caviar nails

This is a beaded version of a nail polish. You can achieve this by painting your nail with your predilect color, then sprinkle tiny beads on the wet paint before leaving the pain to dry with the beads on. This trend is actually very new in the market, but has managed to attract a substantial amount of new interests.

caviar nails Top Nail Polish Trends Revived!

Black Caviar Nails from Ciate


4. White polish

This trend was designed to compliment the colorful modern clothes by being a perfect replacement for the pale pink polish. However, achieving the arctic-white perfection can be a bit difficult, and it is recommended that you go for the off-white shades or the pearlized colors.

essie marshmallow white polish Top Nail Polish Trends Revived!

Essie’s Marshmallow White Polish

5. Metallic nails

Gold and silver nail polish are quite popular on the fashion fleets, and may be recommended to anyone that wants to stay at par with the nail trends.

metallic nails trends Top Nail Polish Trends Revived!

Silver Metallic Nails always a favorite

6. Plain black polish

This trend is still popular and can be improved to acquire a different twist. One of the possible improvements that can be made on this trend is to apply the inverted French manicure by having a medium beige at the base, and painting the tip with a black metallic color in a half-moon shape.

top black nail polishes Top Nail Polish Trends Revived!

Top Black Nail Polishes for the summer

7. Zoya pixie dust 

This is a textured nail polish that resembles the caviar nails, and it is normally achieved by combining texture and sparkle as well as a matte finish.

zoya pixe dust collection Top Nail Polish Trends Revived!

Zoya Pixie Dust Collection

These are some of the nail trends that are more popular among the teens and those over twenty years. By now you may have noticed how profound these trends are, and despite holding a small segment of the cosmetic industry, they still have an enormous share of the market when compared to lipsticks and other minor cosmetics.

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