Nail Art Quickly Matching Up Lip-do: Why are Women Now Going For Nail Art As opposed To Lipstick?

nail bar Nail Art Quickly Matching Up Lip do: Why are Women Now Going For Nail Art As opposed To Lipstick?

The growing popularity of Polished Nail Bars  has been attracting women to spend on manicure

For the first time, the gradual growth in popularity of nail bars in the fashion industry has skyrocketed the sales of nail varnish to match that of lipstick, statistics show.


In fact, studies show that a number of British women would rather spend on manicure than on lip-do. A research carried out by Mintel, a consumer analyst firm shows that in the year 2012, the value of sales of UK’s nail varnish was equal to that of lipstick sales, both at £229 million. Today, more than half of the British women are using nail varnish. 72% of these women are aged between 16-24 years and are really treating their nails, compared to the 48% who are 65 years and above.

And as if that’s not enough, 7% of these women choose to fake it using false nails, and that’s according to this particular research. The upsurge is attributed to the fact that demand for these nail care product is on the rise. In just a period of 4 years, this demand had grown b 400%, something that is not usual.

In 2008, there were new nail color product launches, and this accounted only for 10% of the total color cosmetic category. In 2012, it shot up to a whooping 26%. The color cosmetic industry is set to hit a target of £1.5 billion this year alone. However, it is projected to reach £1.9 billion in 2018.

In terms of modern trends, women prefer color cosmetic products that have a long-lasting effect. The most prominent are face make up as well as eye make-up products. Face make-up accounts for 55% of the market share while eye make-up accounts for 52%. Brighter and illuminating shades account for 41%.

The research also indicated that half of these women are wearing make-up to boost their self-esteem. 4 out of 10 use it to enhance their beauty, whereas 26% put it to look professional.

Researchers say that improvement in life expectancy, coupled with UK state pension are some of the factors that have contributed to the rise in sales. 36% of women aged between 55-64 wear make up to make them feel professional. 17% of women over the age of 65 also wear make up for the same purpose.

69% of women aged between 55-64 feel confident when they wear make-up, whereas half of those beyond 65 also wear it for the same reasons.

That said, it’s becoming a worrying trend because women are wearing make-up and not taking them off during bedtime. 21% of those aged between 25-34 were found guilty of this.

The very fact that nail color market has attained an equal level to that of lip color depicts the growing nature of this market, says Charlotte who is a personal care analyst at Mintel. This growth is also attributed to the fact that people want to keep up with the current trends, and they want to self-express themselves in a more fashion-conscious way.

As a matter of fact, nail art is the number one driving factor for this abnormal sales. There’s a vast array of textures and design that allow consumers to easily personalize the way their nails look. Nail art is also pocket friendly because clients are able to get their nails done cost effectively. There are a number of option for them to choose from, which means there’s always something for everyone.

nail art trend Nail Art Quickly Matching Up Lip do: Why are Women Now Going For Nail Art As opposed To Lipstick?

Nail Art has been the key driver behind Nails Treatment and Sales

In the eyes of the value-seeking client, color cosmetic which last long effect that don’t require constant application is something to marvel about. That means growth opportunities rely in creating color cosmetic items that are simple, easier to use and appealing to the 21 century woman.

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