Marble Nail Art Designs

Marble Nail Art 1 Marble Nail Art Designs

Violet Water Marble Nail Art Design 2013

Marble Nail Art is a nail painting technique which is done using water marble. The technique is a very brilliant yet easy one and can be used to create amazing swirling designs. Nail lacquer paint is dropped into clear water, where it forms swirling patterns. These patterns are then transferred to the nail giving rise to nail marble art.


Nail marble art can be made using two different methods.

The first is a technique called free dropping. Here, lacquers of different colours are dropped onto the water surface, which automatically gives rise to swirling patterns.

The second method is free dragging. Free dragging is the more widely used technique while creating marble nail art. This technique also involves dropping lacquer onto the water surface. However, a brush or a specific tool is then used to create patterns as desired.

The application of marble nail art requires the nails to have a matte surface beforehand, i.e., a creamy or white emulsion must be applied beforehand. This also helps deliver a better contrast to the applied pattern, making it more visually appealing. There is absolutely no limit to the number of patterns and colours than can be used for marble nail art, which is what makes it such a unique nail painting form.


Marble Nail Art Pictures


Marble Nail Art 5 Marble Nail Art Designs

Pretty Pink Black Floral Marble Nail Art


Marble Nail Art 4 Marble Nail Art Designs

Golden Water Marble Nail Art


Marble Nail Art 6 Marble Nail Art Designs

Summer Colors for Water Marble Nail Art


Marble Nail Art 3 Marble Nail Art Designs

Water Marble Nail Art with Orly


Marble Nail Art 7 Marble Nail Art Designs

Valentines Day Inspired Water Marble Nail Art Design

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