Konad Nail Art – How to Apply?

Konad Nail Art 2 Konad Nail Art   How to Apply?

The DIY Nail Art Kit by Konad

With Konad Nail Art, you can easily come up with professional looking nails from your own home salon without spending much. For those that don’t know what konad nail art is, then this is a technique that uses pre-designed stamps to put patterns and images on your nails. It is one of the easiest nail art designs that can be simply applied by almost anyone including kids. There are several konad nail art kits in the market, but if you are just starting, then it is recommended that you use the konad nail art trial pack. Here are the steps to follow while applying the konad nail art on your nails:


Step 1

First, start by washing your hands and ensuring that they are dry before you can go ahead and remove your old nail polish. For a more pretty look, file your nails to keep them uniform and more attractive. Now you can proceed and apply the base coat and base color as well. Leave the paint to dry before you start stamping. It is also advised that you apply a single layer of a fast dry coat before you commence with the stamping. You can also rub all the errors using a q-tip by simply dipping it into a remover and clearing all the error paints out.

Step 2

You can now take out your image plate and apply the special nail polish on your preferred design. Use a scrapper to scrape off the excess polish by putting it at a 45 degree angle. Take a stamper and put it on the polished design fast enough before the paint actually dries up. You can now go ahead and apply the image on your nail by rolling it over. You can finish by applying the special stamping top coat and you’re set to go upon drying.


Konad Nail Art 6 Konad Nail Art   How to Apply?

The Step-By-Step Konad Nail Art Tutorial and Walkthrough!


Konad Nail Art Design Pictures


Konad Nail Art 3 Konad Nail Art   How to Apply?

A Simple and Beautiful Konad Nail Art Design


Konad Nail Art 1 Konad Nail Art   How to Apply?

Konad Nail Art Design with Butterflies


Konad Nail Art 4 Konad Nail Art   How to Apply?

A Smooth Water Stamped Konad Nail Art Manicure


Konad Nail Art 5 Konad Nail Art   How to Apply?

Konad Stamped Nail Art with Flowers


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