DIY Nail Art with Scotch Tape!

DIY Nail Art 4 DIY Nail Art with Scotch Tape!

Some Simple DIY Nail Art Designs with Scotch Tape!

DIY nail art, or Do-It-Yourself nail art, is more or less self-explanatory. Self painted designs and patterns constitute DIY nail art. These involve innovative techniques which can be used by one and all. There is not much skill needed and the effect produced by these designs is spectacular, not to mention satisfying. There are a lot of DIY techniques which make use of simple household items.


One of such household items which holds prime importance when it comes to DIY nail art is scotch tape. Scotch tape is a clear tape which can be stuck onto existing nail paint and used as a stencil.

To start with, apply a base coat of the desired colour. Next, decide what pattern you want to colour on top of it. Cut out a piece of scotch tape as a stencil of the desired pattern and stick it on to the nail. The parts with scotch tape on them will be protected from the second layer of paint, thus allowing you to create dazzling patterns. The tape can then be easily removed after use.

Lots of other materials can also be used while painting DIY nail art. These include glitters, stencil-cut papers which can be stuck on etc. The most important thing, however, is to stretch your imagination and be creative.


DIY Nail Art with Scotch Tape Pictures


DIY Nail Art 1 DIY Nail Art with Scotch Tape!

DIY Nail Art Design with Stripes


DIY Nail Art 2 DIY Nail Art with Scotch Tape!

2 Color DIY Nail Art Idea


DIY Nail Art 3 DIY Nail Art with Scotch Tape!

Another Simple DIY Nail Design with Scotch Tapes


DIY Nail Art 5 384x1024 DIY Nail Art with Scotch Tape!

DIY Chevron Nails

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