Diet for Healthy Nails 101

Healthy Nails Diet 4 Diet for Healthy Nails 101

Nutrition and Diet plays a heavy role in having Healthy Nails and Cuticles

Nails form the protective part of the skin found on the extremities of toes and fingers. Nail health can be well observed through proper nutrition. Nutrition is important in ensuring that the body is properly functioning. This is from the tips of your toes to your fingers. It is easy for one to tell your health status by looking at your nails. As long as you have a healthy diet that plays a role in maintaining your nails you will have a limited number of nail complications. Maintaining a healthy appearance of your nails is largely determined by the types of food you take. Whenever you note that your nails are weak it is wise to make changes in your eating habits.


In order to strengthen your nails and reduce risks of breaking you should consider keeping them short. This is because long nails are prone to splitting. It is advisable to apply moisturizer several times in the day to your finger nails. Regular use of clear nail polish is helpful in moisturizing your finger nails.

Most people do not limit the number of times they use nail polish remover. One should use nail polish remover at least once in a week. People should use the acetone-free nail polish remover whenever they want to. This is because acetone is responsible for drying and making nails have a yellow color, which is bad for your nails!

Diet for Healthy Nails


Regular intake of iron

Iron plays an important role in nutrition that is necessary for healthy nails and the circulatory system. By taking a diet rich in iron you will ensure that your nails are healthy. Some of the foods rich in iron include molasses, liver, whole grains and leafy grains. Whenever you break a nail you should take a heavy snack rich in iron.

Healthy Nails Diet 2 Diet for Healthy Nails 101

A List of Iron-Rich Foods for Good Nails Health

Protein intake

It is also important that you eat healthy foods rich in protein this is because some nail problems are usually as a result of protein deficiency. Although animal proteins such as meat and cheese are rich in protein it is advisable that people consume more of vegetarian protein as they are nutritionally beneficial and have less saturated fat. Some of the ideal protein sources include legumes and beans.

Healthy Nails Diet 1 Diet for Healthy Nails 101

A List of High-Protein Foods for having Healthy Nails

Vegetable intake

Green leafy vegetables are very essential as they are sources of calcium, vitamin A and folic acid. Lack of folic acid in the diet could result to red-brown spots on the nails. Deficiency in calcium and vitamin A makes the nails weak, dry and brittle. Lastly consumption of zinc is equally necessary as it helps reduce nail problems such as white lines.

Healthy Nails Diet 3 Diet for Healthy Nails 101

The key to having Healthy Nails – Remember to eat your veggies!


The nails health is determined by the way that they are treated. Since nails are part of the skin it is important to have a nail bath since the skin is absorbent. Whenever you are doing house work you should always remember to wear gloves. Nail health is very important as one’s personal appearance and grooming speaks a lot about them. Abnormalities in toe and finger nails could be signs of nutritional deficiency and health problems. It is therefore necessary to refer to physician over any concerns.

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