Chalkboard Manicure Kit lets you do the Impossible!

Chalkboard Manicure Kit1 Chalkboard Manicure Kit lets you do the Impossible!The impending release of a new product by Ciaté , a Caviar Nail Kit company, has caused the tongues wagging. Considering the rather fair price that Chalkboard Manicure Kit will be going for, at a modest £25, it has really got people talking about it. This kit will be composed of 4-coloured pens for nail art, chalkboard paint pot that is matte black, as well as Ciaté’s Mattnificent topcoat.


In coming up with this product, a simple yet brilliant concept has been used. While still able to maintain the public’s desire for self decoration and matte textures, this novel kit also combines trends that let you create the new. To begin, you will need to apply two coats of Ciaté chalkboard paint onto clean nails and then leave it to dry. This product has one remarkable twist; if you don’t fall in love with the chalk design, it is possible to rinse it off and start anew. After making sure that you like your new design, it is only then that you can apply matte topcoat. While applying the design, you have the chance of concreting the design to make it have the appearance of any other manicure.

Not only is this novel product awesomely made, it is also innovative and extremely cool. This is mainly because of the way it lets you tamper with the design until you find a perfect one that fits. You have a greater chance to experiment and get the perfect design of nail art. If you like having personalized nails, then you will really love this innovative product. Even if Ciaté’s chalk pens are the bulkiest in town, and even if they are not among the finest, they are more than made up for. And given the fact that this is just the first of this series, it may be followed by lighter and finer pens, even finger tipped ones. You never know.

Chalkboard Manicure Kit2 Chalkboard Manicure Kit lets you do the Impossible!

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