Cute Simple Nail Designs

Arcylic Cute Nail Designs

  Cute Simple Nail Designs,if you are looking cute simple nail designs, look no further. If you appreciate candy striped nail, then you are in for a cure. The specialist took candy striped nail to the next stage by including a lovely bow tie on each of her thumbs. The very best … [Read more...]

Pink Nail Tips

Beauty Pink Nail Tips

  Pink nail tips are also very well-known during the summer time and the joyful period when customers are looking for something a bit different. These top high quality nail tips are easily flexible and fit nicely on the nail. Due to the characteristics of the plastic material used … [Read more...]

Nail Designs for Short Nails

Blue Designs for Short Nail

  Nail Designs for Short Nails,hi ladies, the present publish is on nail designs for short nails who keep thinking whether fingernail styles would look good on them. It is quite decided that long nail look much more eye-catching than brief nail, but there are ways to even make nail … [Read more...]

Fake Nail Tips

Black and Wihte Fake Nail

Many people like the look of a longer nail but not everyone grow a long nail on their own. There are many ways to extend your nails by using fake nail attached to your actual nail. We at Nail Designs Mag will give you a few fake nail tips to make your nails more gorgeous! Acrylic is a … [Read more...]

Nail Polish Kits

Black Nail Polish Kits

  Nail polish kits are very much needed these days. Many females will have their nail polished at salons which can be a costly encounter and take up a significant amount of time. Considering these factors, females may ignore the maintenance of their nails because of the difficulty … [Read more...]

Colored Nail Tips

Blue Colored Nail Tips

  Colored nail tips, it’s a chance to ignore about France nail cutting and colored nail tips! This pattern was presented previously by the end of 2010; however, it seems to really begin being implemented now. I really like the blends on the image below and I like how the idea of … [Read more...]

Pretty Nail Designs – Unique & Creative

Pretty Designs for Nail

  Pretty nail designs are very attractive whether for formal or casual occasions. There are colors for nail paint ranging from bold colors to neon which could be applied with pearly glaze or clear topcoat. The various ways to get pretty nail designs includes: Panting your nail … [Read more...]

Making Glitter Nail Art

Black Glitter Nail

  Glitter Nail Art is the trendiest nail art and most recent pattern in nail designs preferred by women in these days. There are various items available in the marketplace that can be used to accomplish these. But today I will explain to you how to make glitter nail art using … [Read more...]

Metallic Nail Polish

Black Magnetic Nail Polish

  Metallic Nail Polish, is purely the sensation of liquid metal. You can create this strong, bright look on your own nail with metal and magnetic nail polish. Your nail will look solid, strong, and amazing. Metallic Nail Polish are available in many colors. If you like the … [Read more...]

Acrylic Nail Tips

Acrylic Nail Care

  Acrylic Nail Tips are used to stretch out and make a base for synthetic nail. Acrylic is a durable plastic that can be molded into different shapes. Acrylic nail tips are used to give the illusion of longer nails. Because the nails are brittle and weak, growing them beyond a … [Read more...]

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