Watermelon Nails Design Tutorial

Watermelon Nails Design Tutorial Screenshot

        Try these really cute watermelon nails; they're simple, easy and refreshing. Enjoy! by Miomio … [Read more...]

Effective Nail Care Tips


Nails serve an important function in our daily lives, some people have the tendency of ignoring their nails and end up having brittle and easily broken nails as a result. There are nail care tips that a person can follow in order to make sure that they can maintain the healthy, clean and … [Read more...]

Getting the Right Nail Polish Colors


Nail polishes are among the few fashion items that have managed to maintain their popularity over the years. This is the reason why to most women it is a favorite cosmetic item that never misses in their makeup kit. There are a lot of nail polish colors and you need to know which one to … [Read more...]

How to Do Trendy Nail Art?


Nail art is a popular fashion nowadays. For many girls, this is an ultra trendy fashion. So How to do Nail Art? Especially those that are trend? There are various ways in which nail art can be done. Some are mentioned below: Fine and thin paint brushes can be used to make nail … [Read more...]

Diamond Nail Designs & Ideas


  One of the most popular ways to make your nails stand out are to add diamonds to your nail design. Many women today are requesting diamond nail designs when getting their manicures because no matter what type of design you request, the diamonds give a more tasteful appearance. … [Read more...]

Brief Account On Creative Nail Design


  The designing of nails through interesting art works and colors is a widely followed trend. The most popular form of creative nail design is to use some light and natural base color on the nail and then design it with shapes and structures as per choice. The well polished and … [Read more...]

Nail Colors – Choose The Right One

blue nail colors

  Nail polish is used to decorate human nails and also to protect the nail plate. Choosing a nail color is not an easy task because hundreds of shades are available nowadays. Before choosing the Nail Colors, think twice whether the color matches with your skin tone. For that try … [Read more...]

Nail Care Careers

nail care

  As you may already know, personal care is always on the rise and it's especially true when it comes to Nail Care. It is a viable and profitable career due to steady demand; Nail art designs are rewarding and in order to take the most advantage of all knowledge available and in … [Read more...]

3D Nail Art Designs

Flower 3D Nail Art Designs

  3D Nail Art Designs are available in a wide variety of designs such as animal patterns, fimo canes sticks, and flower patterns. In addition, they are also available in a combination of many colors such as pink, white, and green and yellow among others. What's more interesting … [Read more...]

A Brief on French Manicure Designs


  One of the latest trends followed all over is the nail designing for ladies, and one to not miss would be the French Manicure Designs. Nail designing is an art which can be done at home or parlor to add an extra spark to one's character and style. The French manicure is usually … [Read more...]

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