At-Home Manicure Nail Art Trends That are Worth Trying!

At Home Manicures 2 At Home Manicure Nail Art Trends That are Worth Trying!

DIY At-Home Manicure is getting popular!

Using your clothes to impress is not the only easy way to express yourself. What ladies are yet to understand is that well manicured nails also have a role to play in making an impressive statement about your personality. In fact, people will always notice your manicure, and this is a fact that you should always keep in mind.


College students will be the first to fake an excuse – ‘ I have classes to attend and some extracurricular activities. I don’t have time to go to the salon’. Well. If that’s your excuse, then pick up your nail polish and give yourself an At-Home manicure. If time is the only obstacle, then this manicures doesn’t require more than a few of your minutes. The cost involved too is not much and can’t actually affect your wallet.

In nail art, simplicity is the way to go especially for this season. Despite coming up with remarkable designs and falling in full swing, the ‘New York Fashion week’ was all about simplicity. Everything was kept on the minimal. That’s the reason why neutral tones will always bring out the best in every woman apart from being appropriate to be worn anywhere.

The textured and dual-coloured polishes are the best to use when you want to brighten a basic shade. You might as well consider going for the duochrome polishes from Essy’s collections for this season. For those that don’t know, a duochrome polish is just a shade that changes colour when one moves. To add some style on a neutral colour, then a brown shade with some reflective green shimmers is recommended.

You can also use OPI’s liquid sand collection to add some interest to a dull brown. If we may recommend, our choice will be ‘It’s All San Andrea’s Fault’. This is a classic taupe from ‘San Francisco’s line’ that can effectively dry matte and grainy. If you have a tight schedule or your hands are fond of shaking, you can simply go for a textured shed instead of experimenting with nail designs.

At Home Manicures 1 At Home Manicure Nail Art Trends That are Worth Trying!

Simple Steps for At-Home Manicure Nail Art

You can instantly transform a regular manicure using just a bit of nail art. One simple trick is to add some borders on your nails and decorate your finger tips. You can use a nail art brush or even a thin make-up brush to draw a line on your nails’ inside edge after the nails have been painted. Alternatively, you can complete the manicure by using a permanent marker to draw on dry nails before sealing it with a topcoat.

If you’re going out, then the bold graphic patterns can be more appropriate. You can use the NCLA Nail Wraps to apply the pattern or for a cool design. It is as simple as pressing a sticker on your nails before filing the ends away. People will notice the incredible designs on your nails but none of them will actually know that they’re just some set of decals.