5 Essential Nail Care Tools That You May Not Be Using

If you really want to treat yourself to a splendid at-home-manicure and pedicure session, then you’ve got to lay your hands on some of the latest nail care tools available out there. If you’d like to get that set of 10 nails looking like you just stepped out of a salon, then you definitely need these tools. Check them out below and get your best looking manicure and pedicure yet!


1. Ridge Filler
The ridge filler is one of the most important nail care tools so far. Many people who haven’t tried it out don’t know how useful it is, but once they lay their hand on it, that’s it-they become addicted. Ridge fillers help provide a smooth and even nail surface for easy painting. So if you are using a thin nail polish that reveals the tinniest bump on your nail bed, or you just want that flawless manicure that attracts the men, enlist the assistance of ridge fillers and you’ll be amazed.

ridge filler 1 5 Essential Nail Care Tools That You May Not Be Using

Dior Diorlisse Ridge Filler

2. Cuticle pushers
Cuticle pushers are some of the beauty essentials you should have in your home if you don’t want to visit the salon all the time. Cuticle pushers help your nails remain in the right shape. However, there are several things you need to keep in mind while buying them. First though, never buy cuticle pushers that are made of metal. The reason being, metal damages your cuticle instead of preserving them. Again, the use of cuticle pushers requires special attention. Never try shoving your nails far at the back than required or it may lead to the disappearance of your nail. With cuticle pushers, you can only use them to remove out righted cuticle that has found its way onto the surface of your nails. then clean the nail surface without scratching or damaging it.

cuticle pushers 1 5 Essential Nail Care Tools That You May Not Be Using

e.l.f. Essential Cuticle Pushers

3. Nail brush
To keep your beautiful nails clean and hygienic, enlist the help of a nail brush as your nails are quite delicate, especially on the sides because dirt and unwanted elements tend to accumulate on your nails. Not only does a nail brush gets rid of the dirt on your nails, but it also cleans the excess oil from hand and body lotion. When selecting your ideal brush, choose one with soft flexible plastic or with boar bristles. Select a nail brush that’s not too strong or too soft.

nail brush 1 5 Essential Nail Care Tools That You May Not Be Using

Hedgehog Nail Brush!

4. Buffers
Sometime the space between your two fingers may be too small. That means you’ll be having trouble when painting your nails or applying any kind of nail enamel. Now buffers help in creating this space that you badly need. This nail care tool comes either as a rectangular block or two sided board. Buffers are made out of different materials such as fiber glass, rubber, and sometimes leather.

nail buffers 1 5 Essential Nail Care Tools That You May Not Be Using

Nail Buffer

5. Clippers
Clippers are used when cutting your nails in the right shape, especially those big nails. You can also use them to cut long fake finger nails that you no longer need. When buying clippers, select one that is sharp. A good one should remain sharp for at least 6 months to 2 years.

nail clippers 1 5 Essential Nail Care Tools That You May Not Be Using

Pylones Nail Clippers

There you have it, check out these nail care tools and see what they can do to your fingers. Don’t forget about your toe nails too.

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