3 ‘Trendy’ and Colorful Nail Designs

Nails reveal a whole lot about a woman’s personality. It’s therefore necessary to keep them beautiful all the time to create a good impression on anyone who notices them. In fact, vast majority of the population will be keen on observing the subtle details of your nails. And if it doesn’t match up with the rest of your dress code, then you’re not as amazing as you thought you look. To help you out, we combined a list of the top 3 ‘trendy’ and colorful nail designs. You can take your time to go through them before using the designs to add a flare to both your toe and fingernails.


1. A different color for each nail

Have you ever considered painting each nail with a different color? Well! If you haven’t, just get five different nail polish and use them to make all your nails unique. In fact, there are several ways that you can use to paint each nail with a different color. First, just get different shades of the same color and apply each shade on one nail. You can even start with a darker tone as you gradually progress to a lighter shade. Secondly, you can decide to alternate two different colors. For instance, blue and red or any other two of your preferred colors. But first, ensure that the two colors that you’ve selected are in perfect harmony with each other before using them.

Colorful Nail Designs 1 3 Trendy and Colorful Nail Designs

Change up the typical manicure with some Colorful Triangles for your Nail Designs!

2. Galaxy nail design

This sparkling and multi-colored design might be a little bit complex, but you can pull it out with only a few trials. First, ensure that you have several different colored nail polish: black, gold, dark blue, orange, green and glitter polish. You will also be required to get a big make-up sponge.

To get started, just paint all your nails back and give them about 10 minutes to dry. You can now split the make-up sponge in the middle before using the textured-edge to blot the rest of the colors on either your toe or finger nails. You can do this by simply painting one of the colors on the edge of the sponge using a brush before dabbing it over your black-painted toe or finger nails — go to the next color and do the same. The entire process can be a little bit messy. But once you’re done, you will start to notice how the different colors create an incredible pattern. You can wait for the nail polish to dry, and then apply the glitter polish as the top-coat. You can now enjoy flaunting your galaxy-painted finger nails.

Colorful Nail Designs 2 682x1024 3 Trendy and Colorful Nail Designs

A Trendy Galaxy  Nail Design Idea

3. Tentacles nail design

This is one of the ‘trendy’ nail designs that’s a little bit easier when compared to the galaxy. To get this design, apply a blue base color on either your toe or finger nails. Leave it to dry before using a contrasting color like pink to draw a stroke from the nails’ cuticles to the tip. The drawn stroke should be thinning out as you move towards the tip. Next, with the help of a third color like purple, use a toothpick to make a dot at the edge of each tentacle. Wait for the nail polish to dry and then apply a clear-top-coat. You now have your tentacle-painted finger nails to show-off.


Colorful Nail Designs 3 3 Trendy and Colorful Nail Designs

An example of an Octopus Tentacle Nail Design

‘Trendy’ and Colorful Nail Designs Pictures


Colorful Nail Designs 4 3 Trendy and Colorful Nail Designs

Unique and Colorful Nail Designs


Colorful Nail Designs 5 3 Trendy and Colorful Nail Designs

Acrylic Color Nail Design with gel dots


Colorful Nail Designs 6 3 Trendy and Colorful Nail Designs

Another Acrylic Color Nail Design Idea


Colorful Nail Designs 7 3 Trendy and Colorful Nail Designs

Colorful Nail Designs for Inspiration


Colorful Nail Designs 8 3 Trendy and Colorful Nail Designs

Colorful Nail Designs for a Summer Wedding!

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