13 Tips for Healthy Nails

Healthy Nails Tips 3 13 Tips for Healthy Nails

13 Practical Tips for Keeping Your Nails Healthy!

Broken or weak nails can be so much embarrassing and frustrating. Therefore , it is everybody’s desire to have strong and healthy nails. Unfortunately, most of the people do not know how to make their nails healthy. The following are 13 easy tips on how to keep your nails strong and healthy.


Healthy Nails Tips 1 13 Tips for Healthy Nails

Simple Practices for Strong & Healthy Nails

1. Avoid biting your nails

Nail biting can create stress fractures on your nail edges and eventually cause breaks. In addition, rubbing your nails on the top can cause ridges on top of your nail plate.

2. Wear rubber gloves while cleaning

It is advisable to use rubber gloves while using household cleaners. Gloves provide protection against harmful germs that may cause breaking of nails.

3. Keep your nails dry

Water can make your nails to become weaker and tear easily. Nails are porous and absorb moisture. Therefore, it needs drying after bathing or doing cleaning.

4. Do weekly maintenance on your nails

Regular manicures which involves cuticle care and nail filing is crucial in keeping your nails strong and healthy. In addition, keep your cuticles moisturized since it keeps your nails healthy and beautiful.

5. Wear warm winter gloves during cold seasons

Winter temperatures can severely dry and deteriorate your nails. Therefore, it is important to wear gloves when you go out into the cold

6. Stay away from harsh and hazardous chemicals

There are some toxic nail polishes that contain toluene and formaldehyde that inhibits your nails from becoming strong. Avoiding such chemicals can lead to strong and healthy nails.

7. Apply sunscreen on your nails before going to UV light

UV rays or LED light can pose a great risk to your nails. Therefore, broad spectrum sunscreen should be applied before exposure to LED light or UV light.

8. Include vitamins in your diet

Biotin supplement is one of the vitamin which is great for your nails. These products are applied directly to the nails. Biotin boosts the growth of your nails.

Healthy Nails Tips 2 13 Tips for Healthy Nails

6 Foods for Healthy Nails!

9. Massage your nail cuticles

Actual nail grows just below the cuticle. Doing massage to the cuticle will bring more blood into this area thus promoting healthier nail growth. Massaging is more effective than actual nail treatment.

10. Moisturize your nails with hand cream

Nails which are too dry can break easily hence moisturizing in vital. Therefore, you should carry hand cream along with you.

11. Carry your nail file along with you

Nail files are important during emergencies such as sudden breaking of nails. You can use a nail file to smoothen the rough edges and prevent further damages. Therefore, you should always remember to carry your nail file in your bag wherever you go.

12. Include proteins in your diet

A well- balanced diet as well as drinking a lot of water keeps your body hydrated and results in healthier nails. Protein rich food such as fish is vital in making your nails stronger.

13. Do not use your nails as a tool

Many people use their nails to open boxes, letters and many more tasks. This is risky because it can bend your nails. The white area of your nail can weaken and eventually break. Therefore, you should be cautious on how you use your nails.

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